Knitting Socks with Neko's Curved DPNs

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Neko's Knitting Socks Video

The video shows how to easily knit a sock with

Neko's new Curved Double Pointed Knitting Needle.

Neko sells three needles in a set.

Knitting Socks with 3 Curved Needles from Neko

Usually you knit socks with 5 needles,

4 needles for the stitches and one working needle.


With Neko's new patented invention you can easily knit

socks, loops and hats with only 3 needles.


Stitches will not drop from the needles and

the knitting process will become very fast.


How it works:

... first of all a number of stitches will be taken on the 1st needle e.g. 24 stitches,

as well as the same number of stitches on the 2nd needle with the same thread.


Now both needles hang together with 24 stitches each.


But the round is still open... 

so you have to knit a circle for example to make a shank of a sock.


With the 3rd needle the first 24 stitched will be knitted from the first needle.

This process is repeated on and on until the shank is completed.


Really simple, isn't it!


Neko's Curved Knitting Needles for knitting Socks

Neko's Curved Knitting Needles for Socks


diameter: 2.0mm    US# 0 

sorry, at present not available

Curved knitting needles

for socks


diameter:    2.5mm  &   3.0mm


diamenter:  US# 1.5  &  US# 2.5




Curved knitting needles

for socks


diameter:  3.5mm &  4.0mm


diameter: US# 4.0  &  US# 6.0


Curved knitting needles

for socks


diameter:  5.0mm


diameter: US# 8.0

Illustrated Instruction for Neko's Curved DPNs

1. There are 3 Double Pointed Needle's in a set.

    Two are used to hold the stitches, while the third is used to knit with.

2. Cast on half the stitches onto one needle,

    then use a second needle to cast on the others.

3. Use the third needle to knit across.

4. Rapid stitching progress with Neko's Curved Double Pointed Needles.

    Great, isn't it!


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