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What is the meaning of Neko?

The company name of Neko was originated from the japanese word Neko that means cat.


What is XL-sized Needles?

Neko's XL-sized needles are needles with small needle diameters combined with longer needle tips. This enables you to hold more stitches on the needle. You can work on bigger projects as hats and loops with smaller sized yarns. 

At present Neko offers four needles of this XL-size [Products].


What is the Slot in the bigger Needles good for?

The bigger sized neeedles beginning at diameters 6 mm (US# 10) have a slot on one side of the needle. When you finished you project you can cut the yarn and thread it into the slit. Then you can pull the needle together with the thread trought the stitches.


Where to buy Neko's Stitching Needles?

Neko recommends to buy the Neko at your local wool and stitching needle retailer, for they will offer you advise how to use the needles.


You can obtain the needles by postal shopping as well.


If there are problems to get Neko's Stitching Needles in your country you can order them directly from Neko by eMail [Order].



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