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Neko - What is it?

Neko are the innovative Knitting Needles ...

with special design that helps you much knitting

Cable Pattern, Socks, Hats, Loops and Sleeves

as easy as never before.


   Neko - The Cable Stitch Needle

   Neko - The Curved Double Pointed Needle Set    NEW! 


The Story behind Neko.


Neko - The Cable Stitch Needle

The innovative and patented cable stitch needle from Neko is designed to make the knitting of cable stitches much easier.


Due to the curved and balanced form

of Neko's Cable Stitch Needles taken stitches are simply held on the needle and do not fall off the needle during the

knitting process.

Neko's flattened needle tip design helps much taking up the stitches.


The Neko Cable Stitch Needles are available in many bright colors and in four different sizes 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm and 8mm.

The needles are made of plastic.

Neko - The Curved Double Pointed Needle Set

Neko's Curved Double Pointed Needle design makes it possible

to stitch socks, hats and loops with only 3 stitching needles.


Two needles hold the stitches and the third needle is used as 

knitting needle.


Neko's Curved Needle Set makes knitting socks, hats and loops

easier, faster and much more comfortable.


In Germany this kind of knitting sock, hats and loops

is called "Knitting Game" (Strickspiel).


With Neko's CDPNs it is not done with five needles as usual

but with three needles only.


Neko recommends needles sizes

  2.0mm - 5.0mm (# US 0 - 8.0) to knit socks,

  3.0mm - 5.0mm (# US 2.5 - 8.0) in XL version and

  6.0mm - 12.0mm (# US 10 - 17) for hats and loops.


CDPNs for Socks
   2.0mm = # US  0    (white)    NEW 2015! 
    2.5mm = # US 1.5  (red)
   3.0mm = # US 2.5  (yellow)
   3.5mm = # US 4.0  (orange)
   4.0mm = # US 6.0  (green)
   5.0mm = # US 8.0   (blue)


CDPNs for Hats & Loops (small size in XL)

   3.0mm = # US 2.5  (yellow pearl)  XL   NEW 2016!

   3.5mm = # US 4.0  (orange pearl)  XL  NEW 2016!

   4.0mm = # US 6.0  (green pearl)  XL   NEW 2016!

   5.0mm = # US 8.0  (blue pearl)  XL   NEW 2016!


CDPNs for Hats & Loops (medium size)
  6.0mm   =  # US 10.0   (pink) 

  7.0mm   =  # US 10.75 (strawberry)

  8.0mm   =  # US 11.0   (magenta)


CDPNs for Hats & Loops (large size)

  9.0mm   =  # US 13.0   (purple)
  10.0mm  = # US 15.0   (turquoise)

  12.0mm  = # US 17.0   (peach)


Neko - How it works

The tutorials show step by step how to knit socks, hats and Loops with only three of Neko's curved double pointed needles (curved DPNs) you buy in a set.


The Story behind Neko

On vacation on Germany's beautiful baltic sea island Rügen I dreamed of a cable stitch needle which would no longer slip out of the knitted things. The excellent functionality of the first needle prototyps for my own use impressed me much and the idea of Neko was born ...


Since I turned 13 I am knitting day in, day out and everywhere. Whether on the train, at home or in my doctor's office. For me knitting is meditation and I hope that my invention will help all knitting enthusiasts as well as beginners to knit the pattern they like ... specifically the cable stitch pattern.


Have fun and cheers




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